About Me


Niko loves making memories with his camera. Memories that stay imprinted with people. Often connections are made that way... 

Your view of the world is unique, and can say a lot about your personality, which is a small window into our inner world.
Whatever the theme of Nikos work, the place of the shoot, he squeezes every opportunity he can, never settling. You have to give it everything you got for the client 💪


Niko started his photography journey in 2012, via various workshops, photo clubs, college courses and photographic organizations.
His professional career started with a photojournalist job at the Hanza media group, Cropix in Zagreb, Croatia. Hanza media is the leading media company in Croatia and Southeast Europe, with 5 daily newspapers and more than 30 magazines.
Now, he works as a freelance photographer, enjoying every assignment! While his photojournalist job offered amazing experiences, he prefers to have more control over his time, which freelancing gives him, as well as over the quality of his work.
Before photography he studied psychology and when you think about it, he loves having that experience since on the job you are very often 80% of time, a psychologist, and 20% a photographer, especially when working with people. A perfect combination some would say.

In terms of environment, he feels most at home near the sea, which his photography shows 🌊

He has many vices, chocolate is one of them! He don't discriminate, but dark chocolate with orange pieces is his favourite =)
If you're into personality types, he's a ENFP, so in a way, this is the ideal job for Niko! People come first.

He wants to see Mutemath live, they are a great US alternative rock band with amazing live shows. He's a big fan of music festivals in general. So far, his Sziget experience was the best!

Say hi, Niko would love to meet you!

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